How to write an analytical essay Part II


We’re talking about the way hearts changed this might indicate emotion or identity within characters okay so this is my example got it there again for you I’ve also got a note here on your page highlight these key words.

Then create a list of synonyms for these key words because you’ll find it in your essay they keep coming up again and it might get a bit repetitive for example if you put change in every sentence in every paragraph your English teacher is going to ask you to go back and write something different. It helps if you have a whole list of different words for each of those key words okay step three identified Direction words so just talked about key words these are Direction words and there was that it going to tell you.

What sort of arts you need to give so these are things like discuss to what extent show how how do you agree and the last two compare and contrast they are for comparative essays which I’ll talk about in a different series and then go into more detail then okay step 4 brainstorm this is the fun part so look at those content words and go absolutely crazy right everything you know about the text in relation to those words pull it apart go off on tangents fill that page do not move on to the next stage until you have got a full crazy-looking page okay then once you have done that sorry before you do that I’ve got a few different methods that you can use for brainstorming.

I myself love the good old mind map but you can do a Lotus diagram which is a little bit more structured padlet and pop litter excellent iPad apps that you can use to brainstorm ideas you can do a good old trusty dot point list if that’s what you like you can have a chat to a friend and write down some notes as you’re talking to them about what you think that essay is about those central ideas and you can also do a versa which is kind of like a big chatroom that you can take part in so step 5 organize those crazy ideas into some kind of order so what ideas are dominating your page make sure you go back to your question make sure those ideas relate to the question okay and then once you’ve done that think about how you might organize these into paragraphs so that brings us to the end of this video on planning the next video is going to be bringing that giant massive planning pulling it in and structuring your ideas for your essay.