How to write an analytical essay Part I

Analitycal Essay

We’re going to be talking all about planning which is a really important stage that you must not skip. The objectives today number one to learn the planning is important.

Number two how to interpret an essay question that you’re given and number three how to brainstorm effectively so let’s get started why do we do this well failing to plan is planning to fail I’m sure you’ve heard this before and there’s a reason you’ve heard it before it’s very true and winging it leads to a very disorganized messy and poorly written essay.

Please make sure that you spend a lot of time planning your essay before you start writing it okay so step one of planning is to read the question re-read it reread it again and really make sure that you understand what it’s about and really think about what is it actually asking sometimes we get really passionate about a text and we want to talk about a certain aspect and you can produce an awesome essay but you haven’t actually addressed what the question is asking you so really important that you read the question number two identify key words so these are also called content words and they’re words that tell you what to discuss in your essay.

I want you to start by writing your question in a middle of an a4 piece of paper just write it lengthwise across the middle so that it looks like this okay so this is an example essay question from a urate curriculum and it’s based on a movie called Howl’s Moving Castle brilliant. If you haven’t seen it go watch it so the first key word I’m going to point out here is filming techniques so this tells you that you need to focus on filming techniques in your essay so make sure you have a really really good understanding of those things like camera angles lighting setting and costuming.

There’s a whole range of different ones your English teacher those okay and the second one is characters. We know that you’re going to need to have a good understanding of characters also know that it’s plural so make sure you don’t just talk about one character alright the next thing change this is our central idea for this essay so make sure you’re really really understand what change and is about and in relation to your text so make sure you really understand that one and here just a bit of clarification.